Welcome! I am Bettina Angela M. Banados, a Chemical Engineering student of  the University of Santo Tomas and this is my educational journey blog. I made this so I could share to you all how fun and fulfilling my ChE life was. I never made it to the Dean’s List but Ive always been dedicated to studying and reaching my goals.  I’m passionate about Arts. I collect tapes and pens and stickers and notebooks (and barely use them).  I am not the funniest one, but I like to speak in puns.  I often considered myself ordinary, average, simple, plain, shy, reserved, (insert synonyms here) and my classmates see me as the sensitive one, but that doesn’t mean my journey was less extraordinary and exciting as the others. So feel free to browse through the different attributes, learn a bit more about me and see how this 5-year learning expedition is definitely something I will forever cherish. Hopefully I can inspire some of you to pursue the same (or even better) endeavors in life.

God bless!

Your future Chemical engineer,