Studying Chemical Engineering automatically entails conducting various laboratory experiments. For 5 years, I was able to take 7 different ChE laboratory courses – general chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, industrial chemistry, physical chemistry, unit operations, and process control – and other general laboratories offered to most engineering majors: physics, basic electrical and electronics engineering and computer programming.

               I really liked laboratory courses primarily because the environment or the setting is different; we are in a laboratory, not in the classroom. That also means I won’t spend the class hours sitting and jotting down notes; instead, I have to do some actual work most of the time (and less sitting or else the professor and my groupmates might think I’m not helping). But most of all because I was able to actually see and observe some scientific concepts being taught inside the classroom. Plus, I get to wear my labgown! J We have to wear labgowns for safety reasons but I am not sure if it’s just me but there’s something seriously feeling good whenever I wear my labgown. I feel like wearing it makes me look smarter and professional (like scientists and doctors) hehe.

          Among the ChE laboratory courses, the one that I enjoyed the most, my personal favorite, is the Industrial Chemistry laboratory in my 3rd year. This is because we get to make real, industrial products instead of the usual chemical solutions. We made soaps, detergents, perfume, sanitizer and jams and I really enjoyed doing all of those. When it comes to the extent of learning, my choices would be Physical Chemistry and Unit Operations. PhyChem lab and UnitOps lab experiments were a bit of labor-intensive activities, you really have to pay attention to what you’re doing – observe carefully, be quick in inputting data – but I appreciated them so much.



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