P1, K4


          Activities weren’t always individual tasks- some of them are in groups or in teams. In UST ChE, students are not just empowered to be independent leaders but also to be responsive followers and to build harmonious relationship in a multidisciplinary team. A lot of our courses, even the major ones, involve group activities such as in Plant Design, Engineering Management and Thesis. I was also able to join one CLS or ChES Leadership Summit on my fourth year and it was definitely one of those ‘team buildings’ I had that truly made sense. It wasn’t a simple getaway with friends and an obstacle course. I used to think that the activities would always be so much easier to if we work in teams, but I realized that it is only true if everyone in the team cooperates and is willing to understand for each other. From this I also learned that, just as in any kind of relationship, a key to an effective team is communication. In the future, I’d be working with other groups of people. I might not know most of them. They might also have different views and its very likely that one or a few of them would disagree with my opinion. But the key is to always listen, be open-minded and to learn how to acknowledge whenever you commit mistakes for the team. Arguments are sometimes unavoidable and here might be a (weird) feeling of satisfaction when you’ve proved someone (or someone else’s opinion) wrong but that won’t result to a good product of a team.  It would be better to talk things over ♥



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