“The recognition of the need for, and the ability to engage in life – long learning.”

“An ability to use techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for the practice of chemical engineering.”


Last summer 2015, I had my on-the-job training at WR Grace Philippines at Silangan Industrial Park, Laguna. The company, commonly known as ‘Grace’, is a chemical company specializing on catalysts, cement additives, sealants and can coatings. I was assigned in the R&D department where I was tasked to evaluate the quality of different can coatings through several techniques and use of different laboratory apparatus such as a viscometer, mixer and an erv tester.

My overall impression of WR Grace is satisfactory. Safety is definitely first here. Despite the presence of hazardous chemicals and heavy equipment, the workplace remains safe and comfortable for employees. Generally, Grace is a good working and learning environment for trainees like me. I see the people of the R&D as a set of versatile, committed and joyful individuals. I also appreciate that these people treat me the same manner they would a regular employee. ­­­

Aside from learning about the basics of coatings chemistry, I find it very relevant and helpful that my training has taught me how to properly evaluate and assess experimental results. Also, as a future Chemical Engineer, it is likely that I would enter or engage myself in an industry involving chemical or mechanical processes, expose to different substances, deal with machines. So it is very much important to learn about the different safety procedures. Training in Grace has provided me a good understanding of job safety. Moreover, this immersion has not only gave me the opportunity to apply my skills, but also, being in a department that assesses products and seeks to improve them, I was also able to engage myself in a environment where learning doesn’t stop.



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