T2, T3

            I had my NSTP or the national service training program on my 2nd yr and chose to do the CWTS or the community welfare training service. This was part of our curriculum but most of the time it did not feel like it was a requirement. It was bit hard for me, though, especially during the first meetings, to deal with the fact that I have to spend some of my sundays in school or somewhere for NSTP. That means id be staying in the dorm and wont be able to go home and over the weekend and thats just hard for someone who frequently experiences homesickness. But then I realized that its never too bad to sacrifice few of my sundays and spend it with a community who actually look forward to students like us.t2t3.png

          Our CWTS activities include learning about first aid measures, doing a census for a remote village and distributing emergency whistles, a workshop about the what we can do about the current state of PWDs in our country, joining the Run for Ilog pasig, a feeding program for some kids and helping in the construction of a brgy hall of a remote community. The most memorable of which is the last one, the construction of the brgy hall, which took place in sitio mabilog tarlac. It was both exhausting and fulfilling because in order to get there, we had to walk (from what i could remember) for an hour through a mountain. And by walk i mean some strenuous walking and careful trekking because we also had to go through some (quite dangerous) steep slopes and narrow pathways of the mountain. Then, once we’re up there, the view will be so good and the villagers will be so welcoming. Thus, making the hike so worth it. But the best part of it all was being able to serve the community in so many ways. from the construction of the Brgy Hall, to some feeding program and by simply being in a friendly conversation with the residents. I love how they were all so appreciative of everything we were doing for their community; little did they know that I was as grateful as they are to be with them even for a short while.


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