“The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions or research and innovation in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.”

Our batch had the educational trip in Singapore and It was one of the highlights of my stay as a ChE undergraduate.

  1.  We were the first batch to have the field trip outside the Philippines (Thank you organizers, dear Professors, ChE Department and Dean Marcelo)
  2. It was a chance for us to have a mini vacation and a good bonding time.
  3. Singapore is absolutely a must-visit country. Despite the small land area, theres absolutely a lot of things to do. plus, you don’t even have to worry about travelling to places because the mode of transportation within the country is so convenient. We had the chance to roam around the city and experience a bit of Singaporean lifestyle.
  4. Sentosa is really nice. Of course, Universal Studios!!!!! The second day was definitely a time for us to unwind. The best part of it was the extreme Cylon- Galactica ride 🙂
  5. Very cheap finds at Bugis and Chinatown haha
  6. Good spicy food!! and Good internet connection hehe
  7. Very interesting plant visits to Tai Hua, Marina Barrage, Perkin Elmer and New Water!
  8. I am still in awe with National University of Singapore. It inspired me so much to pursue graduate studies and might as well take it there. It also leaves a challenge to UST to continue molding and producing outstanding students.
  9. Singapore’s technology is very top of the line. Our visit to iExperience made me realize that with enough skills and the aspiration for development, it is very possible to create things that would actually improve life. I really hope that we Filipinos, especially us future engineers, would see this as an inspiration to do the same and make use of our resources for the progress of the country.
  10. Singapore takes good care of environmental issues.

      To summarize, the trip was not just a way of getting away from all the stress in school but most importantly an opportunity to see what we, future engineers, are capable of doing and contributing to the society. Singapore was successful in creating a developed community with first class facilities. But looking into their processes, way of living, they weren’t so different from us. What makes them stand out and grow is how they really adapt to certain improvements in technology.



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