“The specialized knowledge in at least one field of chemical engineering practice, and the ability to apply such knowledge to provide solutions to actual problems.”

             Our undergraduate research, entitled “The Modification of the Design Process of the Existing Materials Recovery Facility in Lemery, Batangas” made us apply three major chemical engineering courses – Equipment design, Plant design, and environmental engineering. Our thesis investigated the current situation of the municipality’s materials recovery facility (MRF) and sought to modify it by the proposal of a new plant layout and new set of equipment with a main goal of helping the municipality solve their solid waste issues by increasing  its waste diversion.   MRF is a facility designed to receive, sort, store and recycle materials, so aside from the requirement of RA 9003 (The Solid Waste Management Act of 2000) to establish one, it is vital to achieve not only a sustainable solid waste management but also to encourage environmental responsibility. For theses reasons, we were not just able to practice equipment, plant design, we were also able to develop a deeper awareness to the various environmental issues and help a community with an actual problem.



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